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‘Nirvana’ Rosewater Mist
June 28, 2018
*Mini* Energy Healing Session
July 19, 2018

60 Minute Energy Healing Session



This holds your spot for one 60 minute Energy Healing Session at RadRitual with Chloe.

Please email after purchase to schedule your session date & time.


Energy Healing sessions at RadRitual incorporate a holistic approach to your healing journey. A combination of techniques is used, but each one is grounded in the practice of Reiki healing. Reiki is a Japanese practice founded on the belief that everything is made up of the same life-force energy. During a Reiki session, the practitioner channels that life-force energy to balance, restore & heal the client. RadRitual sessions also include sound healing, aroma therapy, smudging or clearing, psychic channeling & crystal healing. Each client receives a copy of detailed notes as a session follow up.

This should not be used in place of a Doctor & the practitioner is not a medical professional.

Many common concerns Reiki can help treat are: anxiety, depression, fogginess, lack of energy, insomnia, physical injury, inflammation, blockages & more.

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