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Cosmic Mermaid Soothing Beauty Oil
June 22, 2018
Zit Blitz Anti-Blemish Beauty Oil
June 22, 2018

Disco Honey Anti-Aging Beauty Oil



Disco Honey will give you the confidence to get your groove on + dance the night away. This is our anti-aging, anti-hyperpigmentation powerhouse. She’s the fountain of youth, in a bottle, ready to tackle all your aging concerns from age + sun spots to wrinkles + dryness.  

This oil can be used on the face & body. We have specifically formulated our universal oil to be suitable to all skin types. Suggested use:

A few drops AM + PM, gently massaged into the skin post cleansing with The G.O.A.T & Nirvana Mist. *This blend contains Sea Buckthorn, which can leave a slightly orange tinge to the skin if you use too much. Massage well into the skin & watch the tinge disappear.*

please contact for exact ingredient list*

A portion of annual profit goes to supporting organizations like NORML & The ACLU with campaigns dedicated to releasing prisoners imprisoned under cannabis related charges in legalized/legalizing states. Thank you for your support!